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Beyond Zion believes there is power in knowledge and peer support.  We exist to support ex cult members as well as their family & friends who either belonged to the same group or were never a part of the group and just want to understand.  We also offer support to those that may still belong to a high control, abusive group or cult, however you choose to look at it.  We believe that there is no shame in belonging to a cult, it can happen to anyone.  Everyone has free will and the right to choose how to live their life and what to believe in. We aim to bring ex cult members together through support groups as well as fellowship with peers who can empathize with and understand your experience in belonging to a cult.  We do not pressure or shame anyone to leave their cult.  We just offer a listening ear and therapy resources.  With therapy and peer support resources, we offer a wide range of viewpoints, beliefs and perceptions and can offer these to you, whichever you choose. 

With the help of a volunteer, I have created a whole new website with a different address - 

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The board members and volunteers for Beyond Zion are not licensed counselors.  We cannot offer legal advice.  We are just former survivors of cults, have studied cults, theology, and are passionate in our endeavor to help people become whole again.  If you are in need of help above what we can offer, we do have solutions and resources for you.  We do not diagnose or offer advice past where you should start with your healing journey, etc.  We strongly believe that the decision to leave a cult, seek counseling after leaving etc. should be handled by a professional and should be made by you and only you.  Making these decisions can be hard, so we offer our time, resources and limited knowledge to help you.

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