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Beyond Zion was created in March 2021 by a survivor of a highly abusive and controlling religious organization.  After 15 years of silence and suffering, the trauma and pain became a deep desire to help those who may be lost and need a way out. 

We are not licensed counselors, just people who have experienced what you have gone through first hand. We are continuing to build a network of support to help recent and past survivors, their family included, to assimilate and heal.

Staying silent only gives these organizations what they want.  These wolves in sheep's clothing should fear those who were able to walk away; we are the ones that hold all of the power.  

Take that leap of faith, step out of the dark and into the light.  We'll be here to catch you. 

About: About Us

Meet the Founder

My name is Megan Cox and I left Remnant Fellowship over fifteen years ago.  When I left in 2006 and moved back to Ohio unexpectedly, I had no one and nothing.  It took me almost fifteen years to finally admit that I was in a cult.  Once I decided that I was going to face my trauma instead of hide from it; I engaged in counseling again and started speaking out about my time in Remnant Fellowship.

Through counseling and finally deciding to share my life with others, I was inspired to build a non profit organization that will help others that have been in my shoes and to keep them from suffering.  No one should have to spend fifteen years questioning everything about themselves and everyone.  I am here to provide support, comfort and resources to those that have broken free and for those that want to break free.  It's scary, but it can be done.  Life is so much sweeter and inspiring when you take first step to recovery and healing. 

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